Putting up upgrades of already popular soft wares which has satisfied customers immensely, is no child’s play! This already known fact gets substantiated by Microsoft Office 2010’s dismal performance. Response to the recently launched Microsoft office 2010 is lukewarm to say the least. Even Stephen Baker, who is NPD Groups Vice President of Industry analytics, called the first two weeks, since it has been on the shelf, rather disappointing. His comment made on Tuesday makes one thing simply clear; Office 2010 is not as well received among the patrons of Microsoft as Office 2007 has been.

The Group’s findings are based on the data generated by the Weekly Tracking Service, which were posted to the NPD Company’s blog on Tuesday. It clearly reflects that not only the no. of units sold but also the money made falls dismally behind the records made by Office 2007.But it pertains to only the first two weeks, since the products have started selling. The same finding is quick to point out that Microsoft is proceeding in lines with the sales prediction, infact to be precise a little ahead of the estimated trend for the calendar year.

The reasons behind this are manifold. The most primary, perhaps as pointed out by Baker is that the users of Microsoft 2007 have got no real need to upgrade their software as the patrons of 2007 had. Office 2007 was a radically high performing design that provided respite to the users and satisfied their need to upgrade.Secondly it was launched alongside the sophisticated Windows Vista. The promotions that it got due to this fact did it a world of good in case of market exposure and awareness

Even the release time, feels Baker, is not ideal for a software market. Whereas Office 2007 was put to shelf in the booming holiday season, the 2010 version is introduced in the slow selling summer months.

Baker is dismissive of the theory that Microsoft’s clientele is getting divided, which is the reason behind the slow sale. Online Office suites like Zoho, Google Docs and ThinkFree or offline softwares like OpenOffice have a long way to go before they can catch up the consumers fancy, feels Baker. According to him these softwares have got little presence amongst the mainstream consumers. Most of them are not even aware of their presence. There is a chance that Microsoft will see a slowdown due to users shift towards different software, but that time is definitely not around the corner.

The good news for Microsoft is the fact,that it has launched the  new KeyCard Licensing Programme.It eschews a retail box in the place of  a License key sized like a Credit Card,that can be used for activating the versions of Office 2010 that is pre-installed in they new PCs.According to NPD as much as one third of the 2010 sale, stems from this novel selling scheme.MS Office said that a starter version of the office 2010 will be installed in the new PCs,to give the users a feel of the real thing.Offcou7rse it will have limited features and Only Word and Excel. It will have to upgraded by purchasing a upgrade card from the retail stores around the globe.