NTP has been quite renowned around the United States for the number of patents that it holds back with it. The brand is not associated or known for producing any real time products but manages to have a number of patents with it regarding technology. They have recently sued the very renowned BlackBerry for involving in the creation of e-mail technology. There has been recent news that NTP has sued four of the leading Smartphone makers around the world. These include Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Google Inc., Motorola, HTC and LG.

NTP was successful in getting $600 million when the RIM case was settled with BlackBerry for the infringing of the patented e-mailing technology.

Background of the current sues

NTP has sued the Smartphone makers such as HTC and LG electronics for the reason that they were said to be using the NTP patented technology for the delivery of e-mail with no licenses from NTP. All the companies that include Google, Motorola, Apple and Microsoft are said to be infringing eight technologies with respect to the delivery of emails over the wireless communication system. NTP filed the sue case in order to stop the companies from doing so.

All the Smartphone companies are using the intellectual property of NTP with no license that is considered to be a serious violation at the NTP end. The company terms these actions to be a part of their intellectual property. Nokia is using the same technology for email delivery but they have not been sued as they have already acquired a license of the technology from NTP. Such lawsuits usually end in a license agreement after a few years of trial in the courts.

There was a similar lawsuit back in the past between Apple and Nokia where Nokia alleged Apple for using its patented technologies that helped Apple reduce the size and cost of their gadgets. They termed that their technologies for enhanced speech and data transmission were being used by Apple with no license agreement. The antennas and transmission system was copied to save space.

There a number of claims of these sort active around the world these days where one of the company is suing the other one for one infringement or another.

Possible outcomes

People are analyzing about the possible outcomes. They expect the case to be sorted out pretty soon and the end would be licensing the technology from NTP but there is no chance that all these Smartphone makers give up without having a battle in the courts. The companies that NTP has sued are one of the top ones in their respective domains and this seems inevitable to stop a case proceeding and settlement before that. NTP seems quite confident that they have a strong case with them.

NTP talks about itself as being always open to reasonable licensing terms all the time and love to entertain anyone who is willing to have a talk about the matter. The Company is still hopeful to have a resolution outside the court without a trial. And this would be good if the companies sort out the case without going for a trial as NTP is found to be aggressive when it comes to trails and similar processes.