Microsoft is very keen to enter the cloud computing services market as it has officially launched Office 365 on the cloud computing platform. Experts in software industries are seeing it as a bad news for rival Google. Microsoft has already won a deal with New York Government to provide cloud computing but if we compare the deal with Google services then it seems way ahead because Microsoft Office is already extremely popular and they will take advantage of the popularity in cloud computing with Office 365. Recently Google started its initiative in cloud computing and developed some cloud-based Google App into the enterprise market. This step was a big challenge for Microsoft and its popular desktop applications.

Microsoft unveiled its long awaited Office 365 suite of applications which will based on the cloud platform. It was a little-noticed collection of web based hosted business software. Now Microsoft is fully concentrated on cloud arena and it is interesting to see the battle between two giants who already duke it out over search engines, operating systems and browsers. Microsoft announcement will be big challenge to Google because they are providing same service with Sun Microsystems.


This can be very useful for smaller and large companies as very small businesses (under 25 employees) can look forward to prices as low as $6 per user per month, but clarifies that this version includes only the Web-based version of Office. It is more useful for larger organization, if they want, they can start with $2 per month for just hosted e-mail, and can go as high as $27 per user per month for the most full-featured option, which includes the full Office Pro Plus desktop suite in addition to Sharepoint, Exchange.


Microsoft’s Office 365 will be available in early 2011, till then we have to wait as Microsoft was not willing to reveal any more information about the product. However you can use its Beta version, if unable to wait till 2011. However there are limited products and they have spot for only 2,000 organization and will be done on first come and first serve basis.