Are you bored with the default screen saver that runs every time your Windows Vista-based PC is in the idle mode? How about personalizing the screen saver ? Yes, you can simply personalize this program and let it play your pictures from your recent vacation, your wedding photos, or even the images of your new born. There isn’t a tough process that you have to follow. The steps are simple and you just have to scroll down to be able to refer to them.

The easy step solution that you can apply on your Windows Vista PC is as:

1. Right-click any open area on the Windows desktop and then select ‘Personalize’ from the drop down list.
2. Under Personalize Appearance and Sounds, click on the ‘Screen Saver’ option.
3. Under Screen Saver, click the list, and then click on ‘Photos’.
4. Click on ‘Settings’. Now, you can customize the screen saver based on what you want it to look like:
• To specify the photos to use for your screen saver, click on ‘Browse’, choose the folder that contains the pictures you want to use, and then click on ‘OK’.
• To change the speed with which the photos will change in the slide show, click the list next to Slide Show Speed, and then choose a speed.
• To have the pictures appear in a random order, select the ‘Shuffle Contents’ check box.
5. Click ‘Save’ to save the setting changes you made. Click on ‘OK’ in the Screen Saver Settings dialog box.
6. Close the Personalization window.


Now when you will leave your PC idle, your personalized screen saver will run. Of course you will love watching your favorite pictures come one after the other and take you back on a trip of nostalgia. If at any point you feel like changing the pictures, you can refer to the same steps mentioned above and this time select some other folder in which the relevant pictures are saved.