The beauty of Window 7 is that it combines the best quality features from previous versions of Windows, and made it elegant and presentable at the same time user friendly.  By pinning your favourite programs or applications to your taskbar, you eliminate the time wasted on launching the programs by going to the program menu, but it is easily launched with a matter of a single click right from the task bar. Pinning or Quick Launching lets you have your application icon attached to the taskbar.

Pin it

In two easy steps you can add the program icon to your taskbar. Firstly launch any program that you use most frequently. Once the program is open the icon automatically appears on the taskbar, right click on the icon and select the second option from top “Pin this program to taskbar”. This will permanently attach the program icon onto your taskbar, until you decide to unpin it. Even after you quit the program the icon will continue to stay on the taskbar; even after you restart the computer you will see the program. Next onwards you can just click on the icon to launch the program.  To unpin the program icon from the taskbar, simply right click on the icon and select “Unpin this program from taskbar” this will remove the icon from permanently displayed.

Enable Quick Launch first

Quick Launch unlike pinning is an option to have your programs displayed as list.  By default the Quick Launch is disabled in Windows 7; unlike pinning the program.. Follow the following steps to enable the function:

  • Start by right clicking on an empty space on the taskbar, select Toolbars on the pop-up menu and choose the last sub option “New Toolbar…”
  • This will open a window and in the Folder line at the bottom of the window, type this%userprofile%\AppDara\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet  Explorer\Quick Launch. Then click on the Select Folderbutton. Once done you can see a Quick Launch option on your taskbar.

Options with Quick Launch

You have several ways to adjust the Quick Launch folder you just created above. You can either opt to see all the programs that you have linked to the Quick Launch or you can have the quick Launch locked to the side of the taskbar so it takes less space and you can have all your programs as a list which appears when you click on the Quick Launch option. Simultaneously you can have change the size of icons to small or large; move the position to either left hand side or right hand side of the taskbar. Or simply delete or hide the option from showing on the taskbar

With Quick Launch you can have a list of your favourite programs set into one folder and with Pinning the programs onto your taskbar, they will permanently be linked on as an individual icon your taskbar. You could have your favourite program pinned and other most frequently used programs in your Quick Launch.