The Advisory Services of Microsoft are an option of support based on expenses, advisory per hour which provides the support with proactive beyond your fix pause of the needs of service of product. It is a distant option of support, based on telephone which includes job with the same technician for assistance with editions as migration of product, encoded review, or new development of program.

This service is in a characteristic way used for shorter commitments and conceived to the developers and IT professionals who do not demand the consultation of traditional onsite or the services of management of the supported count which are available of other options of support of Microsoft. This article also provides some means of personal efforts in this scenario. Every Advisory commitment of Services will begin planning with some questions conceived in possibility and determine your precise needs.

For this scenario, questions scoping include

With that application (s) do you need the assistance of compatibility? Is application 16, 32 or 64 pieces? Does the application use a file .exe or files .exe numerous? Is it an application customer-waiter? Do you devote yourself Microsoft for interactive assistance with a support is up to or do you search Microsoft expressly to provide the general material on the best practices?  Of that operating systems do you emigrate in and? What editions of compatibility were noticed? Does the application play poorly? Does the application know editions of installation? Does the application return unforeseen results? Does the application hang on or does crash? Are the messages of error?

The application of third person which you try to install does not act as waited on a system aiming the View of Window or Windows 7. The engineers of Microsoft will use this Etui with tools of Compatibility Of application to re-arbitrate.

The Instrument of Test of Compatibility of Internet Explorer

The Instrument of Test of Compatibility of Internet Explorer gathers your editions based on Web of the Explorer of Internet of Windows 7 and the Explorer of Internet of Windows 8. The Instrument of Analysis of Organization automates the running of installations of application by controlling measurements taken by the fitter of every application. The standalone version of SITTING can control any fitters of Windows and fitters of third person. However, the instrument can only control fitters of Windows and fitters of third person who run without surveillance.

The SITTING discovers following potential editions:

Installation of cardinal drivers of mode, Installation of elements of 16 pieces, The installation of Graphic Identification and Authentication, The modification of files or keys of recording which exist in the Protection of Means of Windows.

The Standard User of the Analyzer, the instrument and the Standard User the wizard allows you to assess your applications and control the calls of IPA – INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ALPHABET to discover potential compatibility. You sell characteristics owing to the Control of User’s count in the operating system of Windows 7.