Apple and Microsoft are two great companies that are great movers in the software industry. The two had been able to attract a whole lot of followership in the Microsoft industry to the extent that the two are well recognized when it comes to the software market.

Apple and Microsoft

Apple as a software company can’t actually be considered as a company that is as strong as Microsoft Corporation. It is true that Microsoft Corporation had been able to make very strong stand in terms of the provision of software products. It is also true that apple had been able to earn some respect and recognition for itself in this same software market.

Their financial standings

In terms of financial standing, Microsoft can be said to really have a lot of success stories to tell. The Microsoft Corporation had been around for long; hence the revenue standing is something really worthy of note. Though apple comes sometimes later than Microsoft Corporation, the company too had been able to pull some weight when it comes to its financial standing. Apple too can be said to have revenue standing that can be classified as very competitive and enviable. The question on every one’s lips is if apple will ever be able to meet up with Microsoft in terms of revenue standing.

Marketing capitalization standing

The truth of the matter actually is that recently, apple had been able to hold onto its leadership in market capitalization over Microsoft. This over ride actually began as far back as May. What is responsible for the rise in market capitalization by apple is the rise in its meteoric stock. Despite this rise in market capitalization of apple over Microsoft Corporation, its revenue and financial standing is still way below that of Microsoft.

By the time apple reports its second quarter earning, we will be able to judge appropriately what its present standing actually is n comparison with that of Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation too is due to make its own financial standing public few days after apple. Microsoft has certain untouched operating margins, which if it had been operated would have been able to go along way in helping it to make its earnings tower above that of apple. But with this untouched operating margins, there is the possibility of apple being able to considerably compete with Microsoft by the tine the two companies release their financial standings. It will surely come as a surprise to most people to discover that apple ends up surpassing Microsoft in terms of revenue.

Apple’s leading possibility.

Apple is expected to release revenue earning of approximately $2.85 bullion as the net income; that is about $3.07 in EPS. This is expected to be the net income from a total of $14.62 billon of revenue. One thing about apple is that it stands in a good position to beat revenue estimation. This kind of situation was reported in the last quarter when apple beat the estimation by up to $1 billion and also annihilated EPS by reporting an EPS of $0.88 which was estimated by analysts to be $2.45.