Premier Support for Microsoft® has added another feather to its cap. It came out with another feature to put more weightage to its list of add-ons, and in an attempt to further its commitment to delve deeper into its enterprise support services to meet customer needs. , it recently launched the Premier Mission Critical Support.

Features of Premier Mission Critical Support

The Premier Mission Critical Support is an integral part of the Microsoft Premier Support options. It offers personalized support coverage through expert support professionals. These professionals have a good understanding of a customer’s needs and delivers expert solution configuration and utilizing environment, facilitating quicker response time. There will be provision for round-the-clock support coverage in the case of high-severity scenarios through telephonic calls and work together with a select team of seasoned Microsoft® engineers.

Additional Services

Microsoft Premier Supports Premier Mission Critical Support issues get accelerated access to the product development teams. The services comprise end-to-end incident management and making sure that it is the quickest possible root cause identification. It works with these product teams to offer important on-demand patch production in grave situations.

Based on researches, it has been concluded that unplanned downtime for mission-critical applications has taken a hike and gone up to 50 percent in organizations which has less than 2,500 users and up to 70 percent for organizations who have more than 2,500 users. By bringing both these personalized support processes together with the help of accelerated response times, Premier Mission Critical Support enables business owners to get the maximum use of their technology investments, bring down system downtime. It also help to stabilize and keep a functional IT infrastructure operating at the best possible state.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft Premier Support’s Premier Mission Critical Support, until now, has under its coverage Windows Server®2003, Windows Server® 2008, Microsoft SQL Server® 2005 Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3, and Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 components of a mission-critical solution.

At present, it looks like more and more customers are starting to offer their loyalty from mission-critical applications to Microsoft SQL Server® 2008. With the Premier Mission Critical, it has been confirmed by Microsoft® that its customers would get the best enhanced support and direct expertise at the highest standards from the Microsoft SQL Server® product team for faster response to customer issues, cut down costly downtime and stop future occurrences.

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