Get to know more about problems that occur while using Microsoft Access 2003 on Windows Vista

Microsoft Access 2003 is a pseudo-relational database management system program released by Microsoft that coalesces the Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. This application suite is supplied in many editions like professional and other higher editions. Microsoft Access 2003 has the ability to store data in its own format based with the aid of the Access Jet Database Engine. It also facilitates the import or link to data stored in other applications and databases. It allows you to create and work with databases, facilitates the finding, filtering and formatting of data, working and formatting queries, macros, forms and reports.

Here are the problems that occur while using Microsoft Access 2003 on Windows Vista system and tips to resolve the issue:

  • Problems While Using Microsoft Access 2003
  • Malware Issues
  • Tips to Resolve the Issues

Problems While Using Microsoft Access 2003

While launching Microsoft Access 2003 on Windows Vista system, you might have come across problemss in printing from Microsoft Access 2003. You might also face some problems after the installation and updation of the drivers in the computer. The problems might occur due to the corrupted registry key, unrecognized database format and other corrupted application software installed in the system.

Malware Issues

The malware and viruses present in the computer affect the working of an application program. Certain viruses have the ability to corrupt the files of the programs. This could be prevented by keeping the system neat and secure. You should use a powerful antivirus program and a firewall to keep your system well secured during network connections.

Tips to Resolve the Issues

The occurrence of unrecognized database error message while opening Microsoft Access 2003 in Windows Vista could be only prevented by installing updated versions of the Office application. Check all the drivers installed in the system are up to date and are not corrupt. The frequent appearance of the End User License Agreement dialog box can be resolved by the following steps. From the ‘All Programs’ in ‘Start’ option, explore Microsoft Office. After right-clicking on Microsoft Access 2003 program, select ‘Run’ as administrator. Then press ‘Continue’ and ‘I accept’.