ReadyBoost lets your fasten your computer running on Windows 7 to fasten the processing time with the help of storage space in most USB Flash drives with fast memory. This feature is extremely useful when you want some application or program to be quickly finish the file you are working on by sharing the speed between memory spaces.

Enabling ReadyBoost

First you have to enable the ReadyBoost for the USB flash drive that you are intending to use. It is best to use the flash drive with the same memory capacity as your computers Random Access Memory (RAM). However, you should have a minimum of 1GB free space available on the USB drive.

  • Insert the USb drive into your computer’s USB slot, close the Auto run if it opens and double click on My Computer icon on the desktop
  • In the My Computer, right click on the USD Drive or the Removable Storage drive or Flash drive and select Properties
  • In the properties window for the USB drive select second last tab ReadyBoost. Here you can choose between “Dedicate the device to ReadyBoost” to permanently set this USB drive as your ReadyBoost or to temporarily allow it to process information you are working on now, select “ Use this Device”
  • You can specify the space that you want the USB to use, by sliding the arrow along the horizontal line. Click Apply and then OK and you have set and enabled this drive to autopaly to ReadyBoost.
  • The system will try to test to see if the USB is ready for ReadyBoost and if not you will be shown an error message “This device cannot be used for ReadyBoost”, in that cast re-test and if failed again change to another USB and repeat the process.

Autoplay ReadyBoost

So every time the USB drive which has been set as the dedicated device for Readyboost is plugged to the computer, you will be given the  “Speed up my system” in the autoplay menu; you can select that if you want to use it  USB to speed up your computer. It is common to sometimes fail the initial test to run the USB as a ReadyBoost, so do try a second time if you fail the first attempt.

Things to know

If your computer uses a solid-sate drive (SSD) technology hard disk, you may not get the option with ReadyBoost in you USB’s properties window and/or can be displayed with “Readyboost is not enabled on this computer because the system disk is fast enough that ReadyBoost is unlikely to provide any additional benefit”. This is as the message explains the SSD hard drives are faster and need no additional storage to share the processing speed.

Remember to use USB Flash drives with fast flash memory and ensure more than required memory space is available in the drive, so it can benefit rather than resulting in more errors to be fixed. Windows 7 is packed with features like this to help your work process faster and more efficient.