The first announcement of Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 release was made at the Microsoft Tech-Ed 2010 in New Orleansduring summer and this was also recently renewed in order to integrate many new potential.  Microsoft VS Scrum 1.0 was released by Aaron Bjork, who is the PM on MS Team (TFS) Foundation Server which was earlier known as Team Foundation Server Scrum v1.0 Beta.

With the development and release of Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 as a process template for the Visual Studio Foundation server, the improvement processes will be able to follow the scrum applications when they will make use of the Team Foundation Server. With the use of Scrum as a principal task management methodologies, it is been chosen by the teams as a default selection both for new and existing processes. On the other hand the MSF Agile model was used in an efficient manner by the scrum team. It was also explored that there existed a demand for the regulatory Scrum template which refers to something that trails the scrum methodology based on top down approach and uses the scrum technology throughout.

There are work items available that help you to monitor, report and track the pace of development of the product as well as its traits. The work item mainly refers to a record or database that is created in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server for the purpose of recording the definition, the state of work, precedence and assignment. The work items included in the Scrum 1.0 work template are:

  • Product backlog item
  • Bug
  • Sprint
  • Task
  • Impediment
  • Test case
  • Shared step

Information specification and updating can be done for every work item that is contained in the form. Art crafts can be accessed and located from the team project module on the team project portal in the team explorer. Scrumptious refers to a by-product of the MSF for supple process pattern that augments itself with the scrum style.  The main focus of the scrum process template is based on the development of software and not the methodology used for it. This is the thing that distinguishes the scrum process template from other process templates.

Another advantage is that it firmly assists the hierarchical work items found in the Team Foundation Server 2010, which makes it irreconcilable with TFS 2008/2005. Also the items in the Scrum v1.0 template do not incorporate with the Iteration Backlog workbooks and Excel-based Product Backlog.

Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 is easy to download and is of great use to the business in carrying on their operations.