The latest update for AVG free 2011 was pulled back after it created many mishaps regarding the crashing of running windows 7 64-bit. The antivirus database update – 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292) was pulled after the users were disappointed. After it’s used by the users and the prompt that the updated is finished, AVG 2011which was demanding a system restart, which is then followed with a “STOP: cc0000135” error that completely crashes down the system. To be able to boot the system after the crash or to rectify its mistake AVG has come up with a “Rescue CD” available which can also be used for the package to boot from a USB drive.

When anyone uses the free AVG 11 on their PC, they will get an update notice for program files and the virus database. When clicked OK, but the installation process fails and the user keeps on getting the same update notice repeatedly. After the download file once started the resident shield is no longer active.

The website named as has an AVG free from 11/27/10, but after the crash even this has been removed. The users are frantically searching for the AVG site to download the “rescue CD” after their system has been crashed.

Several methods like Going to tools advanced didn’t seem to resolve the issue, resident shield was listed as enabled and even after the users tried to apply a disable followed by an enable, it shows as enabled in the advanced screen, but reports not being enabled.

Many users who were using Windows 7 64 bit ultimate OS have come across that all the patches not are up to date. The installation of MalwareBytes and Super antispyware are also there but with no other AV program it gets activated. Another user has blogged about the same problem. So after reports gushing in and not showing positive results have compelled AVG to withdraw its latest launch as it causes BSOD’s or other problems.

An AVG staff indicates both a bad update and the update being pulled after several systems crashing after the new AVG product download. Affected products seem to be several AVG Products which are also been affected and as a result being heavily critisized by users. The users been complaining about something strange is happening with the date that is displayed. It’s been showing 12-020-2010 which is being confused as the cause of the problem by many consumers.
The users shared their experiences saying that the computer rebooted after an update to AVG and also received a BSD. In Window 7 the BSD during reboot is very brief so it is easy to miss and then a recovery screen comes up next. But with a twist after the update and reboot are in a real pickle. The new launch by AVG automatically downloads the update again and recommends a reboot. It can be delayed for sometime but once the user starts reboot the computer the sequence repeats.

Even if the user decide to remove AVG altogether it was not possible to do that. And it failed to uninstall completely and kept going after the long processed update. Then after research, when a removal tool is discovered on the AVG website then after several tries it was able to get AVG off the machine.

These being experienced by AVG new launch users causing much of tension and frustration to its dedicated users which may affect their budding growth too. And so an s result AVG has pulled its new launch.