That Microsoft’s recent Smartphone release failed is no secret and with it is emerging that the sales might actually have been lower than forecast. Microsoft had released its Smartphone for kids called Kin but it flopped in sales and had to be recalled after a short stint on the market.

Conflicting Reports on Exact Sale

There have been emerging reports on the real number of Kin’s sales that were undertaken by the giant software company before its product was recalled after being in the market for a short period. It has been revealed that Microsoft was able to sell only about 503 of its Kin handsets, inclusive of both the gadgets. Even it is yet to be confirmed whether this reports are true, a close company source revealed the figures on condition of anonymity. That might have been the reason for the recent recall of the product, and the fact that its launch was as well uneventful. I had the opportunity to peek at the device that had been particularly made for social networking, with Facebook incorporated and had targeted the young generation of social networkers.

Reflection Microsft’s Performance With Kin

However, the application was only available on the KIN and if reports are to be believed, analysts have even suggested that when tabulated on this foundation, the Kin sold at about 8000 mark, a figure so low a company of Microsoft’s status can not claim to have attained meaningful success with the Kin. Note that there had been reports connoting the displeasure of Microsoft’s employees over the new gadget with some apparently expressing their discomfort with the Kin via their blogs. However, what took the day for me was a Microsoft employee, who described the Microsoft organization, with regard to the launch of the controversial Kin as a dysfunctional organization in which decisions are made through politicking as opposed to pure logic.

Microsoft Employees Expressed Discomfort with Kin

On the same breadth, another of Microsoft’s employees said the company should have fired some individuals, noting that no one had been held responsible for the poor performance of the Kin in spite of the fact that billions of dollars had gone into its production and launch. The employee was particularly bitter with the fact that with the flop of the Kin, the professionals behind its making and launch could not get any returns. After the termination of the Kin from the market, it had been rumored that there was a lot of ongoing blame game in the company and it had been suspected that some individuals’ career might be on the line. Questions had subsequently been asked on just how poor the Kin’s performance was but no one from the Microsoft group was forthcoming with any explanations. That left each speculator with their own figures resulting to the different figures that have been given in different sources online with the 503 figure being the most dominant.

All in all, whichever figures you settle upon, the fact is the kin was a totally failure in the market and in way reflects the failure in the part of both Microsoft and Verizon in its making and launch.