As per the market rumors, Microsoft is planning to launch Windows slate by Christmas this year. They are planning to throw a big competition for apple’s iPad. It is interesting to see a new slate device from the software giant as they are popular for great innovations in the technology. Apple’s iPad is getting popular day by day and it is selling 5 million units per quarter that is big headache for Microsoft. So, now Microsoft decided to launch Windows 7 based slates this year to stay in the tablet computer market.

Earlier in this year, Microsoft chairman Mr. Bill gates told that Microsoft is undertaking a lot of tablet computer project. One of the projects is an innovative combination of the dual screen book with stylus and finger input. Microsoft is working very hard for a new tablet book to produce an answer to Apple’s iPad. There is one more big worry for Microsoft; they saw a 2% fall in recent US trading. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said earlier this year at London school of Economics “you will see the tablet and you will find that it has everything that you want from a computer”. He also said that they are very close to launch and finally are going to launch it by Christmas this year. They unveiled the Windows slate on October 11 this year also.

The desktop and laptop manufacture giant HP is also working closely on consumer friendly tablet computer based on Windows 7. These tablets are much more similar with the HP touch smart PCs. But the project is shelved, and they now acquired Palm operating system. They also started working with the Palm web OS.

It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft is changing the operating system or continue with the Windows 7. In a recent report Mr. Ballmer said that you will see a touch screen optimization in Windows 7. Every one including Microsoft is looking forward to this Windows slate; it will add more reputation to the company and become a bigger competitor for apple’s iPad. It is hoped that the Windows slate will have an optimized version of Windows and will not flunk like their smart phones.