Is your Microsoft Excel 2003 responding slowly? Find out how to solve the issue.

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application from Microsoft that allows you to store large volume of data in an organized manner (rows and columns format). A Microsoft Excel application comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite and this product has been around, for a very long time. Microsoft Excel 2003 is a very popular version of the application and is used by millions of users around the world. It is not only simple to use but also comes with many advanced features and the product even has an in-built help center to enable you to make full use of the application. Still, there are some issues that may come up with the use of Microsoft Excel 2003. These include documents loading very slowly, application freeze, error messages pop ups to intimate you of a particular function not getting invoked and more. Issues with the use of Microsoft Excel 2003 may be because of a wide variety of reasons such as malware infections within the system, problems with some of the application files, issues with some of the system files associated with the application and others. Problems that come up when the application is in use may cause you to lose data and if not solved quickly may result in the permanent corruption of the Microsoft Excel 2003 application.

Following are the details to give you more information and tips to solve issues with Microsoft Excel 2003:

  • Clean registry
  • Remove malware
  • Repair application/operating system

Clean registry

Registry on your system is the place where important information regarding the working of the system are stored and accessed when required. If the registry entries of Microsoft Excel 2003 clash with some other obsolete entries, the issues will come up when the application is executed. Issues with Microsoft Excel 2003 caused due to registry can be resolved by cleaning the registry of the system using a registry cleaning software such RegCure Registry Cleaner.

Remove malware

Problems with the working of Microsoft Excel 2003 may also be because of malware infections within the system. Malware cause problems by infecting important application files, thus affecting their performance. Such problems can be resolved by removing the infections from the system using an updated antivirus program.

Repair application/operating system

Microsoft Excel 2003 comes with a repair feature that allows you to repair any issues with the application files associated with the program. You can use this repair feature and if the problem persists then you will have to repair the operating system using default operating system repair tool as the problem may be with the system files.