Windows 7 has a new feature called the Home-group. This is the new feature that will allow you to share files and printers on a home network quickly and easily. This is said to have the means to eliminate the need for a work-group and simplified home networking according to some people.

Other users may think that this is useless or annoying if you are trying to connect a Vista or XP computer to a Windows 7 computer. There is not much backwards-compatibility in this feature. If you have only one PC and do not want to use this new feature of Windows 7, you can disable it and save some system resources along the way.

It runs two services in the background and you can stop them so you can free some of your valuable system resources. Here, you will learn how to disable the Homegroup entirely by yourself without needing the help of Windows technicians or your local software technicians.

Instructions on How to Disable the Homegroup

  1. Start your computer. Open My Computer on your personal computer and then right click on Homegroup icon which is located in the Navigation Pane. After that, select the option Change Homegroup Settings.
  2. There you will see the Leave the Homegroup option at the bottom part of the list. Click on this button to open the new window.
  3. After doing that, a confirmation window will pop up on the screen. On this window, you will find the option Leave the Homegroup. You are supposed to choose this one.
  4. Now you can click on Start and type in services.msc on the input bar below the menu. In the services list, find the Homegroup Listener and Homegroup Provider. Select them and right click on both of these and select the Properties option. Choose Disabled from the drop down list and hit Ok.
  5. By now, your Homegroup services will have been disabled. Close all of the windows and restart your personal computer. The icons will have been removed and the Homegroup will not be able to take any of the resources on your personal computer anymore.
  6. You can also go to the Control Panel. Choose Network and Internet option and then click on the Homegroup button. After that choose the Leave the Homegroup option. Click on Finish after doing all of that.
  7. After doing that, go back to Control panel and then to System and Security and then Administrative tools. Double click on Services. After that, you can start from Step 4 but you do not have to type the services.msc on the Start menu search bar.

The Homegroup services are only helpful if you have multiple computers. If you own only one, it is better to use the steps in this article to disable your Windows 7 Homegroup. This gives you a more manageable personal computer and gives you the option to either make use of the services of the Windows 7 Homegroup if you acquire more units for your home.