Talking about Windows Live Mail, it is one among the many amazing applications included in the Windows Live Essentials consortium and doesn’t cost a penny. It is an excellent environment where in you can arrange and synchronize all your contacts, mails, calendar, appointments, important dates, etc at one place and needless to say – efficiently. In other words you can say that Windows Live Mail is a very nice evolution of Windows Mail, in Windows 7 operating systems.

Starting with the installation of Windows Live Mail, first it is thoughtful enough to check if it is already installed in your machine or not. Do so by writing Windows Live Mail in the text box which appears on clicking the start button. If you find it already installed, bingo; you don’t need to install it. You can start using it right away. If you don’t have it, no problem; just go to Microsoft’s site and download it from

Windows Live mail gives you lots of privileges like managing your mails, you can read your mails even when you’re offline and also reply to them. They get stored in it and when you resume internet connectivity, the replies are sent, you don’t need to worry about them. Other than that if offers a functionality to save your mails in your computer’s hard drive safely so that even though if you lose them in your mailbox online, you have a copy of it in your computer and also you don’t need to worry about spam mails and phishing or malicious senders. They get filtered automatically via a scanner provided along with it.

The use of Windows Live Mail is not just limited for Live or Hotmail users, even Google, Yahoo!, etc users can join and use Windows Live Mail. But, if you’re a Hotmail user, you enjoy special privileges over others like getting ads-free messages and mails, sending high resolution images as thumbnails thus saving your friend from excess data in his inbox, though he can download them and view them at high resolution quality if he prefers to. It also provides excellent chat facility with your friends who are currently online and also deal with your mails simultaneously.

There are still several more advantages offered by this amazing application like shared calendars and synchronizing between them, event remainders, POP-enabled email accounts, 5GB of initial storage which also increases as you start consuming it.

Visit the Microsoft’s site and search the web, also look out for the forums for Windows Live mail users and ask them their real-life experience using this application. If they point out to any of the drawbacks, do think over them and work them out. Use Windows Mail to its optimum.