The venture that Microsoft is certainly excited about is cloud computing these days. There have been quite a lot of news with the cloud computing concept these days that refer to the energy that Microsoft is using in order to get the best out of the concept. Earlier last week, Microsoft announced two previews that are going to come up with the Windows Small Business Server product suite. The products are certainly not public now but they have been codenamed as “SBS 7” and “SBS Aurora”. This announcement was also made on the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C. and you can expect to have a very sound feedback from the partners who have been helping Microsoft in the deployment of such ideas.

Microsoft is going to register people on the SBS portal page that is under Microsoft. Anyone who will be interested in downloading and testing these previews will be supposed to sign up to participate in the portal. This will register them for the notification giving details about the date of availability and the location of availability will be specified. It is expected that the SBS will be available by the end of summer this year.

Technical Specifications- SBS 7

SBS 7 has been designed for small businesses where the number of users does not increase 75 at maximum. There has been no change in the capacity if the server is compared with the SBS 2008 that is available in the 64-bit specifications since November 2008. The rest of the components of SBS 7 are expected to be improved in order to make it stand tall amongst the server technologies. SBS will come with Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 SP1, SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Windows Server Update Services 3.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2 according to the specifications specified in the Windows Blog. There are going to be a number of security and management improvements in the upcoming SBS 7 that will also enable employees to use the file-and-print services, email and internet services with a better experience compared to the past.

Technical Specifications- SBS Aurora

SBS Aurora has a smaller capacity compared to the SBS 7 allowing just 25 users maximum to access the remote data access services from a far away location. The server is described as the very first server in the small businesses. The server will deliver both the traditional as well as cloud capabilities for the first time. This server can be used as a normal server as well as it would feature some of the exciting options that cloud computing is offering. The server is going to feature automatic backup and restore capabilities to make it secure and will offer file and print sharing options as well.

SBS Aurora is attracting a lot of partners already that include Disk Keeper, HP, Level Platform and Symantec in order to make it even better at effectiveness. Microsoft also plans to release a Windows Server Solution Software Development Kit that will let developers build applications with the online SBS Aurora giving it another distinction.