Discuss the features of macro security level in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 that can allow arbitrary code to run maliciously modified files. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 contains a number of features such as freeze pans, protecting work sheets, using Excel’s goal seek features, Flowchart template etc. Macros are the software applications that run inside the applications like Office packages. In Microsoft Excel 2007, you can change the macro security settings to control which Macros is run and under what circumstances when you open a workbook. If you open worksheets containing Macros from outside sources, these Macros can be harmful to your computer and Microsoft Excel 2007 will protect you from running Macros.

Following lines explain the role of macro security level, and provide tips to set the macro security level in Microsoft Excel 2007:

Install visual basic applications

Visual Basic Applications is the simple programming language that can be used within Microsoft Excel 2007 to develop Macros and complex programs. The main advantages of Macros within the Microsoft Excel 2007 is to develop analysis and reporting programs downstream from large Central databases such as SQL server and accounting. Macros save keystrokes and developers can use Macros to integrate office with enterprise applications.

Doskey tool

Doskey is the simple tool that helps to set Macro security level in Microsoft Excel 2007. It is the tool that can be used for saving time and avoiding mistakes. Doskey is basically an automation tool and it can be used to create a Macro which you can call from the Command Line Interface. Doskey Macros are memory resident and always available while your CLI is open and it carries out command line actions. It can be used as shortcuts for the CLI and to string together a series of actions into one simple command and separates multiple actions.

Install ASAP utilities

ASAP Utilities is a powerful Excel add-in that fills the gaps in Excel and automates frequently used task and it can help to set Macro security level in Microsoft Excel 2007. It makes sure that the Macros are enabled and frequently updated and improved. It can be very easy to upgrade. Manual installation is very easy, to place all the ASAP utilities files on your hard drive, place the location. Now register ASAP Utilities library DLL. Every user on computer can use ASAP Utilities, when it gets installed.