The Windows 7 Operating System of Microsoft shares the same sentiments with Microsoft Vista, Microsoft XP, and even down to the previous operating systems that Microsoft had released, though Windows 7 is much loved and well embraced by the majority, it, like all the others disbar the user’s and owner’s rights to scan, to examine, to modify, and even to share the Proprietary Software of the item they have already bought.

Microsoft does not face any charges since it claims full legal control over all its users. The trick on this full legal control is on the patents, contracts, and copyrights. With Upon purchasing the license and installing it, the users are required to agree and accept the terms made by Microsoft before they can access and use the product.

Critics say that Microsoft commit abuse to their users in seven ways:

  1. Microsoft poisons education of today as Microsoft spends a hefty amount on marketing to corrupt educational departments to impose their company’s product in all educational means and materials.
  2. Microsoft invades privacy by accessing the hard drives of Microsoft users to inspect its contents. Windows Genuine Advantage is software of Microsoft used to run through the hard drives of Microsoft users even without warning, protected by the agreement upon licensing wherein users are required to accept and agree on Microsoft’s terms before the user can use Windows.
  3. Microsoft dominates by pre installing Windows in almost every computer procured; giving the purchaser a lesser control and freedom to choose the operating system of their choice, and even those who choose to have other operating systems installed, most often it is that Windows was installed first.
  4. Microsoft forces lock-in by regularly making efforts to impose updates on its users from time to time; they remove support for older version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office and timely increases hardware requirements to force upgrade to users and consumers.
  5. Microsoft has been abusing standards by attempting to obstruct the free standardization of document formats, because these formats like OpenDocument would be a great threat to the full control they have now on their users by the proprietary Word formats.
  6. Microsoft enforces Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) with its Windows Media Player, Microsoft, in hand with big media companies have built restrictions on copying and playing media solely into their operating system.
  7. Microsoft is threatening user security by having the software a secret and having all users dependent on Microsoft to solve and fix these problems. Microsoft has a long history of vulnerability, a lot of virus attacks have breached Microsoft users through the years, and again, users are to depend on Microsoft to fix and solve the problems since they have no control and access on the proprietary of the operating system.

Amidst the glorious rise of Microsoft through the success of Windows 7 from the failure of Microsoft Vista, critics has not failed to suggest that even in this success, Microsoft is trashing your freedom.