Atalasoft is a leading provider of annotating, viewing, and image processing technology. One of its products, Vizit, is document-viewing software for Microsoft SharePoint providing enhanced collaboration and quick viewing of SharePoint documents.

Now, the company responsible for providing document viewing solutions for Microsoft SharePoint has just recently announced that it now provides support for specific versions of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, particularly for Vizit Essential. Vizit is the universal document viewer that is intended for purposes that involve Microsoft SharePoint.

Support Features

This new Vizit viewer would enhance the user’s collaborative experience in Microsoft SharePoint. This new experience would allow the users to share documents with other users without having to worry if the user they send those documents to have the proper applications or programs versions to view the document.

If before, a user would have to convert files into a format that could easily be read by others, with this new Vizit support, there would be no need to worry.

This new Vizit viewer would allow access to more than 300 different types of documents which would help the users quickly review documents. They would not need to download files or open desktop applications for them to view the documents. This minimizes time spent looking for a program that would be compatible with the document that was sent to you.

This Vizit viewer would allow the users of SharePoint to go through and view documents quickly. It also has the basic user functions like zoom and pan and scroll so it is really an easy to use document viewer.

The Vizit viewer can also actually end up being embedded within any type of webpage making it possible for SharePoint documents to be previewed in a pane on a webpage especially where it is most needed. It works on all the common browser platforms and there is no need to install additional software for it to work. Desktop maintenance is also not needed for it to work so it is really very easy to use.

Market Acceptability and Availability

Paul Yantus, the President of Atalasoft remarks that they are seeing that users will ne aggressively adapting to Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The adoption curve seems to be aggressive in their view as they also see companies who will be migrating from legacy MCM platforms.

Companies will be moving to recreating, fully, the ECM end user experience when it comes to using SharePoint 2010 successfully and with that they will also find and use Vizit Essential in their migration.
This week, Microsoft will be holding a Worldwide Partner Conference that is to be held within Washington, D.C. The Vizit Essential viewer that has been made somehow for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will be demonstrated there. After which, Atalasoft is planning to release and ship the Vizit Essential viewer version 3.1. When the third quarter of this year 2010 comes, they plan to have it shipped completely.
Atalasoft continues to grow as a company. For the past two years, it has been named by Inc. magazine as one of the 100 fastest growing software companies in the United States.