One of Microsoft’s executive, Albert Penello, reports that he is against Shovelware on Microsoft Kinect. He wants to give Microsoft Kinect users with a unique experience that they cannot find on other products.

That’s generally true. Most products do come with Shovelware and it is really a waste of resources. Instead of using that storage area for more useful applications, it was ridden with unusable programs that eat up disk space. We are thankful that Microsoft Kinect is against these practices, adding up ports and stuff that is not even used at all.
Unique Experience

One of the possible actions of Microsoft will be to monitor program titles to promote uniqueness and innovation. Though the effect will be fewer games than its competitors, still Microsoft Kinect users might be surprised at how interesting those games may be. Other game consoles’ controls have limitations depending how the users “shake” the controls. Using Microsoft Kinect’s technology, even the facial expressions and voices can be recognized by Kinect and thus give players a unique experience. In this case, if game companies like Electronic Arts and Motionsports want to be included in Microsoft Kinect’s program, they would have to be innovative of the games they will be developing, since Microsoft already expressed that these game companies will not be available on Microsoft Kinect platform.

Original Games

So, what kind of games would be available on Microsoft Kinect’s platform? Talks had it that Halo or Call of Duty might be available, however, Microsoft did not confirm the reports. Halo and Call of Duty are controller games. And will need a controller to play this game. With Microsoft Kinect, it’s just more than this. There’s no report what games will be installed or available on Microsoft Kinect. But whatever those games are, it will be to watch out for.

Guarantee on Money

If Microsoft could guarantee and will be able to push these Shovelwares out of the scene, Microsoft Kinect’s buyers will be getting what every penny is worth for. Since there are no additives on these technologies, these devices can run faster, able to perform better and can give the best experience to the users.

There were reports that on Microsoft Kinect’s competitors, Shovelwares are plentiful that the game itself has been jeopardized and it is not that enjoyable anymore. Instead of using your wits and skills to “slay and enemy” or complete a task, all you have to do is just shake the remote or controllers as fast as possible and the play will be done.

In that case, Microsoft Kinect could teach these ‘players’ to properly use their skills and wits using their motion. We’ll have to wait and see.