What are the causes and ways to solve slow startup of Microsoft Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a powerful tool available from Microsoft. You could find this application in Microsoft Office 2007 suite. You could also install this separately. By using Microsoft Excel 2007, you would be able to make very effective and the fast comparisons in the list of data. You could simplify the work with saving time and could also increase the productivity. Microsoft Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet application and it has a lot of features. It has graphic tables, calculation features and would also have the programming language called Visual Basic for certain applications. You need to install Microsoft Excel 2007 from the Microsoft website. Sometimes, when you try to open Excel, it would take sometime to open the files. This delay could be solved by adopting some methods.

Following are the reasons and tips to solve the slow startup of Microsoft Excel 2007:

Reasons for slow Microsoft Excel 2007

There are so many causes that would cause the slow startup of Microsoft Excel 2007. The main issues is the presence of malwares. If they are present in the system, they would corrupt the files of Microsoft Excel 2007. The other problem is from add-ins. It is seen that Adobe PDF maker add-in would cause the delay. One add-in called Autodesk Vault is being logging into the network and this would also cause slow startup of Microsoft Excel 2007. It is seen that, if there are problems with settings of Windows Explorer settings, that would also cause slow processing of Microsoft Excel 2007. If you have got corrupted version of Microsoft Excel 2007 from non-genuine website, that would also cause slow startup in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Disable the add-ins

First of all, open the Microsoft Excel 2007 program on your system. After that, you need to click the Windows log which is present in the top left corner. In that drop-down menu, you need to select Microsoft Excel 2007 Options button and this is present in the right corner of that window. In the next window, you have to look for the Add-ins that is present in left pane. Details of add-ins would appear in the right side. After that, select the types of add-in which you want to make change. You have to take this from ‘Manage drop-down menu’. Then, you would remove the check which is present in the box. Thus, all those add-ins would get disabled.

Remove all the malwares

Viruses are the unwanted software programs which have the capability to corrupt the system files and folders. If they are present they would also cause harm to the Microsoft Microsoft Excel 2007. As a result, Microsoft Excel 2007 would get trouble in startup. This would cause the slow startup. So, you have to perform the virus scan using the best antivirus software and then try to delete all those malwares. If you have removed all those viruses, there would not be further issues and you could start up Microsoft Excel 2007 easily without any slow.