Microsoft is planning to build its Microsoft technology center as an expansion of its current space at the Southfield town center in the country. With the help of this center most of the vendors will get great help in their work. The software giant is also planning to add 16,927-square-feet for the center so that the vendors can have better technology offers available at the center. The business enterprise can also get help from it. If this idea will be successful then a number of vendors will be interested and more people will come and get benefit from it.


The center is planned to open in soon and it has been announced that this fall the center will be opened. Microsoft had offices in the Southfield for over 19 years and now it’s also going to open its center over there that will occupy a total of 57,364 square feet of space.

The center is being considered as the symbol of Microsoft’s long time commitment with the Detroit community. Once it is made it will become a very beneficial resource for the metro Detroit businesses. The other cities that have the centers include Boston, Chicago, Irvine, Atlanta, New York, Calif, Reston, Va. and the Silicon Valley. On the last Tuesday Microsoft corp. and Southfield town center announced that it will built a technology center that would be 16927-square-foot and it would be in the 1000 tower of the center.

It will most probably open this fall. The Microsoft technology center will be one of the nine Microsoft centers in Unites States.

Most of the vendors will be interested in working with the Microsoft technology center. The Detroit Microsoft technology center will be able to provide large business. It will have the power to provide independent software vendors with good strategies. There will be great briefing and workshops that will be conducted under the Microsoft technology center.


The Microsoft stated that its lease of space will begin on the 1st of Aug this year and it will most probably be complete and ready to open by this fall. The Microsoft corp. has great hopes with the opening of the Microsoft technology center in the United States. It can be of great importance for most of the vendors and they are also looking forward to its opening.

The location of the Microsoft technology center is so planned in a way that it will be located adjacent to the Microsoft’s Southfield office that already exists on the 19th floor of the 1000 Town center drive. Along with the Southfield’s office the Microsoft technology center will occupy a region of 57,364 square feet.

So it is very clear from all aspects, that the plan to build the Microsoft technology center in the United States is really a good idea and most of the people and companies will get great benefits from it. Its location is also ideal and its surroundings make it much more ideal. All these factors add up to claim that it will prosper.