The new PC greatly works on Windows7 with an admirable speed and responsiveness. But the performance of PC will degrade with time. Thankfully, system can be maintained in the same state but this is not as simple as it seems. Spending hours with PC results in slow functioning and can also results in increased boot time for computer. Sometimes it may show some unpredictable behavior. Surprisingly, just by taking some care at the time of installation, you can keep your system at its best; no matter whether it is working on Windows7 or any other operating system.

Installation of many applications and software leads slow down of computer. Taking this fact into account, you have to stick with installation of applications that are required often. While installing new operating system or starting with new PC, you must make sure that no garbage applications will be installed. Programs like shareware or freeware must be checked on another system to verify whether it should be on main PC or not. It can be done with the help of programs such as Revo Uninstaller that manages installation. By using this Uninstaller, you can totally get rid of flawed applications that are not so good to keep. ‘Program and Features’ is the common option that is used to uninstall any software in computer. Though is makes it simple, it leaves many files like debris and registry entries that jumble with system.

While installing any application, select ‘Custom’ mode instead of ‘Standard’; it lets you to install only specific components. You must be aware of not installing anything that will lessen the speed of computer. Toolbar add-ons, schedulers or any components like them must be avoided if they are not needed. If there is an uncertainty about any option of suit, its good not to install it. The application can be reinstalled if that option is needed. It can be done by using ‘Program and Features’ option provided in Windows Control Panel.

Computer will take a long time to start up if there are many fonts installed. Every time system will start, windows will read those fonts. Earlier versions of Windows maintain the number of fonts minimum. In Windows7, it can be managed by Windows7 font manager; it can be searched by typing ‘fonts’ in search box on ‘Start’ button. Fonts can be hidden by using ‘Hide’ option and can be used by ‘Show’ option. Although these hidden fonts will remain installed, they won’t be available to applications as well as there is no need to read them into memory. Consequently the speed of system will be retained and hence performance.

Recent so called ‘Full-featured’ applications are bloatware, which surely reduce speed of your system. All credit goes to add-ons and a variety of features that are not so useful. You must use scaled-back or ‘essentials’ versions of applications rather than this bloatware. Programs that claim to be fast and lightweight are really proved to be useful. Although you have taken all the care to protect your PC from any nasty application, there are always chances of installation of something that won’t be removed by your uninstaller too. At this point, Windows ‘System Restore’ option can help you by rolling back your computer to a previous state; it can be done if and only if you have specified ‘Restore point’ while installing this application. Recovery of data is quiet easy if you are aware of proper tool.