Recently, people are having troubles regarding expired support system of an Operating Software. It has been reported that many users having an expired support system of their OS have been targeted by  malicious software and viruses .

Although we say that this are expired operating system that must be replaced, issues arise regarding the difficulty of replacing them.

What is an operating system?

Operating system is used as a piece of medium for application software and computer hard disk. It regulates and functions over application software usage to the computer’s system. It also helps the users gain control on its own computer of laptop.

One of the examples of an operating system is the Microsoft Operating system Windows 2000.

Windows 2000

Windows 200 is an operating system created by the Microsoft Company for business use and for company’s series of system. It is intended mostly for some business marketers and other big series of operating computers like those of local government and services.

Issues on Windows 2000

With the current report, the Windows 2000 service support has already been expired. With this, it has been stated that malware attacks have been into progress of attacking it due to its current status.

With almost all business transaction companies and local governments with some residents who are using still the Operating system, it would be difficult for them to upgrade their system especially on those big working companies. Aside from the disturbance of the working service and functions, it will cost a lot of money when you are using a large number of computers.

Malicious software threat

Attacks on the expired support system of the Windows 2000 have grown in progress. With the business companies and local governments who are at risk, a threat to a possible wide spread of private information to the internet will likely to happen.

With regards to that, it will be a great threat to all consumers and residents about exposing personal data and information that might be used for further damage.


Microsoft Corporation has said that it would be best to just upgrade and change the old system to the new ones. But business corporation’s owners and some local governments said that it would cost a lot of money to aid the said solution. It might affect the revenue or the budget itself.

Some consumers demand of lowering the upgrade price to be able to somehow reach the budget, but the Microsoft Corporation said that the given support system period would have been enough for them to prepare for its expiration. They could no longer do further action with that.

The consumers and business users have decided to still continue on the use of the operating system and are making its cautious move not to be able to attack by those reported malwares.

A bit of hard situation on their part, but they have to stick with it in order to avoid the expense it might caused them.