Windows 7 is no doubt one of the biggest success stories of the world. The success of windows 7 shows that no matter how big the failure is; you can always come out of it. Microsoft is the leader in the operating system industry. The guys at Microsoft put their heads together to bring the best softwares in the world. They move from one failure to the other without losing hope. We all are familiar with the story that ultimately led to the development of Windows 7.

After windows XP edition, people demanded that Microsoft should launch new operating system that is both user-friendly as well as even more consistent. By more consistent, we mean, the one with the least number of crashes. So, Microsoft launched a very stable system, however again they failed miserably when it came to making the system user friendly. The hardware requirements were very high and only a few systems could run it properly. And since not many users were able to use it properly, Windows Vista got a very bad review.

The real issue that Microsoft had to face now was making a system that would be both user friendly as well as requires a low hardware specification. Though, this was a very tough task yet Microsoft introduced a very good product by the name of Windows 7 for its users. Windows 7 was both light and at the same time very user friendly Windows that was ever created by Microsoft. There are many new features that are introduced in the windows; of which we will be discussing the Aero Peek feature of the new windows.

We all come across the time when many windows are required to be open at the same time. There are so many processes that are going on. Things get jumbled up so much, that one can lose track of where he or she was in the first place. Microsoft came up with a new and exciting feature that allowed users to make all windows transparent, and at the same time see the actual desktop. The process to do this is very simple, all you need to do is to move the cursor at the right edge of the desktop screen to Show Desktop icon and there you go, all windows become transparent and all desktop along with the gadget becomes visible.

The good thing about aero peek feature is that in an instant you can move from your current application to the new application. At the desktop you can see the time or date or any other gadget that tells you some important information. And the best part is that you can return to the previous location in an instant as well.

This is one of the good features that Microsoft has introduced in the new windows. It was a totally innovative idea of Microsoft for its new release. Microsoft is currently planning on bringing even new and better features in their new version of windows but at the moment, keep your fingers crossed with Windows 7.