Troubleshooting support issues are a matter of grave concern and even Microsoft® feels the need to cater to it. There is a constant need for a good application or software to facilitate collection of critical systems and logging information when required. Microsoft® has taken the trouble to device a tool which looks into the problem and finds a substantial solution to the issue. For the issue pertaining to the one stated above, Microsoft® has come up with the Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool. The basic concept behind developing this tool is to explore and get into a better understanding into of the problems quicker and to rendering simple solutions.


The Microsoft® Product Reporting Tool gives the user a host of options to choose from particular scenarios wherein system configuration data will be gathered. The scenarios include General, Exchange Servers, Internet and Networking, Business Networks, Windows Update Services, Server Components, and SQL.

After going through a detailed analysis and keeping the particular system configuration in mind, Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool will take anything up to 30 minutes or even a little more to finalize the data collection.

There is a provision for two executables which is accordingly compatible with the corresponding Operating System versions like the 32-bit and 64-bit. A user has to download the correct version which suits the system architecture. The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool also gives the option to users to install and utilize unlimited copies of MPSReports which are specified for gathering system information that may be of good use for support professional to provide a user with technical support in the choice of the user. However, other purposes not pertaining to the one mentioned are not assisted by the software giant. Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool also need the installation of added requirements. , this has been tabled in the System Requirements section. Otherwise, it will not be


There are discrepancies with the MPSReports. It is not so heavy, given that Microsoft® has done well with running the reporting tool without any registry changes or improvements to an operating system, neither does it allow to revert back any modifications which have been performed temporarily by the scripts or tools which have been deployed during the collection

All these have been taken care of by Microsoft®, however there are instances when Windows PowerShell™ Execution Policy cannot be reverted back to the default RemoteSigned value which is utilized and deployed for a bulk of Server configurations. In order to allow for Server applications to run MPSReports, it is imperative that it has to be changed manually.

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