Imagine Cup is now celebrating its eight year as a premier competition for particular students that are located all over the world. Of course, they needed to be quite knowledgeable in terms of technology. The finalists were required to beat their competitions in regional and national events in order to qualify for the Imagine Cup. High school, college and university students are included in the competition. The age brackets make for a unique and ideal way for the bright young minds of the world to see how everyone is making their mark in this technological day and age.

On July 3, the 2010 Imagine Cup World Finals has finally made its kick off moment in Warsaw, Poland which was attended by 400 technology students coming from approximately seventy different countries as well as various regions that are situated all over the world. Poland’s Palace of Culture was filled with banners and flags of different colors, representing every nation that is participating in the competition. Starting on July 4, the day after the opening ceremonies, every one of the participating students will go at it in the competition.

Before the opening ceremony, the participants were taken on a guided tour of the cobbled streets of the Old City district in Warsaw. They were also given the chance to learn about Waldemar Pawlak, the former prime minister of Poland.

The students got the chance to know each other during these tours, as well. The opportunity that the Imagine Cup has given many of these young prodigies a semblance of joy they have never felt before. Some have only been to Europe for the first time and many have even learned a lot from their fellow participants like languages, their personalities and there is no doubt that they have all formed new friendships.

The choice of Poland as the location has brought attention to its transition out of Soviet rule and its example on how passion, leadership and technology can work together to solve problems that are almost impossible to work out.

The event is sponsored by Microsoft and this student technology competition had caught the attention of 325,000 entrants. The 400 who attended beat all of those and have been given the chance to show their potential at the 2010 Imagine Cup World Finals. Every student represents the top of the techie tier of the world. Microsoft has seen their potential and is giving these future innovators of technology the chance to shine in front of the world.

The theme of this year’s competition is “Imagine a whole new world where different forms of technology are able to help in solving everyone’s toughest problems.” The competition includes some of the world’s most difficult tests and challenges which must be solved by the participants using technology. These challenges have been verified by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. They also include tests using technological solutions to fight sickness and diseases, improve the quality and process of education as well as finding a solution to reduce child mortality.

The culmination of the event will be on July 8 after the five categories and its competitions are finished so the winners can be awarded appropriately. The finalists will be competing for cash and prizes in these categories. The 2010 Imagine World Cup Finals is not just a competition that will show off the intellectual powers of these bright young minds, but it will pave the way for the world to become one in a sense as the participants work together and in close proximity with one goal in mind; to make a difference with their minds.