Remembering the 9/11 tragedy last September 11, 2001 that was made by the terrorists crashed every bit of communication channels in the City, you realize, that this should not happen, not ever again. The city now moves to make an uninterruptable communication network even if such unlikely event shall occur again.

After nearly a decade, DC-Net, a broadband program utilizes a fiber-optic internet cables right along and across the city within a 200-mile range that comes to connect 200 agencies and organizations of the like that is under the government. Today, this network that was primarily made and designed for government use and to provide optimum safety of public communication ventures to prove a commercial use of the fiber-optics.

Microsoft and DC-Net

Microsoft is pursuing DC-Net to provide further assurance of public safety in communication as they are urged to provide a WiFi broadband to the venues of the Worldwide Partner Conference that holds 5 venues within this week. The venues include the Verizon Center and Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

People around the city are already talking about this event as the WiFi internet connection will be available to the public until after the conference till Thursday. This provided hotspots in and between the venues that the public may be able to enjoy for a short time.

The City and DC-Net

An estimated $5000 dollar will bill out the government to make this project come to like in about two weeks said but the director of DC-Net, Tegene Baharu. The city agrees to pay off as this is projected to have a large profit for various conferences that may occur in the future or any events of the like.

Other telecommunication companies that are pretty much known and runs with good reputation estimates an amount of $150,000 to complete a project that provides the same service, this is clearly an amount incomparable to $5000 dollars.

An estimated $16 million profit for the city is estimated to spur out of the Microsoft’s conference. This estimate was given by a marketing and tourism agency well known in the City, the Destination D.C.
On top of it all, the city was informed last week of a $ 17.5 million stimulus grant from the federal government last week. This 17.5 million stimulus grant is to provide an internet access to areas where people cannot afford internet services or is not reached by internet providers. There areas are wards 5, 7, and 8. The access ring in these areas would allow the internet providers to cash out smaller rates.
Another grant was made to be used to install a number of library computers to neighborhoods that are considered underserved. The amount is worth $1.5 million but this expansion can provide people with what they need, and even technology trainings for the residents within the area.

The fiber optic technology is a wonderful discovery as it costs less and provides much security, someday internet won’t be as unsecured as it is and maybe not as expensive as it is today, someday.