Microsoft in Jeopardy

Microsoft is in a difficult situation these days. Microsoft, a massive software producer and master of its own game, is still enjoying a larger share of profits on based on quarterly earnings. However, with the discontinued supply of its Smartphone and the slow success of Windows 7, the company is in trouble. The competition has also increased, with the introduction of Google Chrome OS and success of Linux. The Zoho and Google are also a constant threat to the business of Microsoft. This is a tough time for the company that monopolized the software industry for several decades with no able competitor at all.

The Microsoft Domination

Microsoft’s E-cube strategy – or the embrace, extinguish, and extend strategy – has always helped them kill the competition. Take Netscape as an example. The once browser giant was put down by Microsoft after the introduction of Internet explorer. Microsoft has to be careful in making their decisions, or else its past and present success might be changed into a future failure. Now let’s talk about the ten mistakes that Microsoft can’t afford to make.

Ten Missteps Microsoft Can’t Afford to Make

Microsoft cannot allow the Google Chrome OS to win. If Google Chrome OS succeeds, then in a couple of years, the competition will be far more than Microsoft could handle. Microsoft should also pay a little more attention on its mobile business. The competition has increased with the introduction of Android OS, Blackberry OS, and iOS. If Microsoft loses its grip, then Smartphone will be a part of history in no time. HP said that their tablets will be launched with the OS of Microsoft, but later on, they stated that WebOS will be used in their computer tablets. Microsoft should be careful with that. Google is difficult to stop but Microsoft should make sure that the Google Chrome will not to monopolize the web browsing as this would directly restrict the use of Internet Explorer and Bing. As a result, reduced popularity of both search engines will reduce the revenues generated for Microsoft. It should make sure that it’s not ignoring its enterprises for the sake of just a few customers. Microsoft should stay loyal to all the organizations that helped it in achieving what they are today.

What Microsoft Has Failed To Do

Microsoft has failed to deliver what people wants. It should make sure that it is working on the right ideas to attract customers and not giving out some old technologies as the new updates. Microsoft should release its Windows Phone 7 as soon as possible to make sure that Google has not captivated the market with its Android OS. This should just keep an eye on what is going on in the world.