You know what hurts the most? That would be console power failures. It’s the kind of pain that makes you want to scratch your eyes out because it feels better than what you are currently experiencing.

Imagine docking a hundred and twenty game hours, meticulously following the game play you’ve devised and then finally beating a ruthless boss, not being able to save and then encountering the Red Ring of Death rendering all that hard work and invested time completely obsolete. You are on the verge of carpal tunnel syndrome and this is what the old Xbox 360 gives you in return. The nerve!

But, they’re definitely mending their ways on the next generation Xbox 360. Apparently, they have devised a system wherein the console itself monitors its status and informs the player if it is on the brink of overheating. If this does happen, the screen shows a warning that the console will shut down, giving you enough time to save the game. Now, isn’t that a relief? Also on the screen are the instructions that you can turn the console on again after the power light stops flashing, signaling that your console is ready for use again.

It’s not an attractive feature but all Xbox gamers know how necessary it is. If the Xbox can finally discover a way to make overheating a thing of the past, then that would be better. For now, gamers will have to make do with an early warning device like this one.

This is also awesome news for Xbox gamers because now, they do not have to send their consoles back to Microsoft for repairs often. For people who don’t have easy access to Microsoft service centers, they reserve themselves to buying new consoles instead of getting it repaired. Now, that is absolutely unnecessary.

The new Xbox 360 deserves praise for this forward movement, especially now that they are introducing new add-ons like the Kinect for Xbox. There is no doubt that the average gamer will be spending a little more time on their Xbox 360’s, making them more prone to overheating.

Say goodbye to the Red Ring of Death because you will be looking at a new and improved Xbox 360, one that doesn’t include that useless feature. That is the biggest problem of the Xbox 360 platform. It is the widely used platform nowadays because of the Xbox Live features but gamers are practically up in arms in forums over the existence of the Red Ring of Death.

Finally, a little leeway has been given by the think-tankers in the Microsoft facilities. What will they think of next? Hopefully, it will have better ventilation, instead of early warning devices. Still, this new feature is a definite godsend when it comes to high quality gaming. With the release of new Nintendo and Sony platforms, Xbox is finally running with the upgrade circus making its services to the public as satisfactory as it can.