Recently, Microsoft has revealed quite a bit of new information. There was a talk about the new Xbox 360 too but we have also got more details on both “Kinect” and it’s line-up of games. The company has outlined new features for Live,which is an exclusive deal with ESPN. It has also given a hint of the upcoming games which includes a previously unannounced exclusive from “Crytek”.


The biggest news that Microsoft gave us was the additional details on Kinect which was previously knows as Natal. The company demonstrated a number of games. It is said that during the “Kinect animals” demo, a young girl was able to call,pet and play with a tiger cub. Microsoft also announced that there will be around 40 animals in the full version of the game.

Kinect Sports:

The “Kinect sports” will offer games like soccer,javelin,ping pong and boxing. Microsoft demonstrated the game with two players racing in a hurdles event, controlling the action by running on the spot and jumping over the hurdles. The “Kinect Joy Ride” was also featured which is an impressive looking kart racer. It looks like a steering wheel and it is held by the gamer in his hands. This is used to control the movement in the game. “Kinect Adventures” is an action game which features around 20 different adventures. This includes a rafting and a platforming game in which the gamer has to jump in order to avoid obstacles and collect the powerups.

Third-party support:

In terms of third party support, it is expected that Ubisoft will be releasing a fitness game called “Yourshape:Fitness Evolved”. This game tracks the body movements and ensures the user is doing his exersices properly. This special game also features activity like combact training and yoga. Meanwhile, the “Dance Central” from Harmonix will be a dance simulator in which the players will attempt to to copy or mimic the dance moves of the on-screen characters. This game features a mode that will slow down the pace of the on-screen characters in order to train the player with the proper routine. This game will also allow the users to download additional songs after the game is launched. It is also revealed that “Forza 3” will receive Kinect support which will let the gamers control the game without the controller and the vehicles can be explored in a greater detail. For instance, the gamer can walk around the car and touch it’s parts to learn more information or the gamer can also get into the cockpit and look around. The mode of release of the update is still unknown. It is expected that it will be done via some patch or a DLC add on.

Launch of Kinect

Kinect will be launched in North America on 4th of November of this year with more than 15 games. Lucasarts’ “Light Saber” game will be launched sometime in the year 2011. The price for Kinect has not yet been announced but some sources have notices allowing a pre-order for $149.99. One such source is “GameStop”.

Other non-Kinect games:

A game called “Gears of War 3” was on display. It featured some impressive huge enemies which can take over the body of a soldier. Also it is said that “Call of Duty:Black Ops” is likely to launch on the 9th of November and all it’s add-ons will be first released on the Xbox-360. “Metal Gear Solid:Rising” was also displayed by Hideo Kojima. It had a new gameplay called “Slice at Will” which allows the gamers to slice foes into pieces in action scenes. Bungie revealed that the game “Halo:Reach” will feature space battles letting the users control the spaceship for the very first time in the series. A 360-Exclusive from Crytek called “Codename :Kingdom” was displayed by the developers behind the “Crysis”.

Xbox Live:

Talking about the Xbox Live, Microsoft declared that it will be expanding it’s services making it available in every country where Xbox 360s are currently sold. This service will support Kinect letting the users video chat with their Windows Live Messenger friends. Kinect will track the users movements and allows the user to waatch film trailers with whom ever they are chatiing with. Another feature that has been announced is that Kinect will let users to chat via Xbox Live. Microsoft has also announced its exclusive partnership with ESPN which will give the gold subscribers access to over 3500 sporting events including but not limited to Soccer,NBA,MLB etc. Users will also have access real time trivia,polls and they cal log into

Microsoft managed to detail Kinect and outline new features for Live. It also revealed the upcoming games which would have appealed both casual and hardcore audiences. We will know more when the product is released.