Microsoft has become the leader in the free email providing industry as well as other fields like software creation. With the popularity of its operating systems, its software, and its new search engine Bing, it has become a dominant figure on the internet and in the physical world. Because its products are easy to use and have great features, people who use their products love them. One of Microsoft pioneer products is Microsoft Outlook. It is an email client and automatically retrieves your emails from your online providers or your workplace service. Therefore, you do not have to do this yourself repetitively. This is an advantage for those who balance many mailing accounts; there is no need of entering your passwords and usernames frequently.

Introducing Microsoft Outlook Social Connector

Recently, Microsoft has released another new version of Microsoft Outlook that they renamed Outlook Social Connector. It is an all in one program for connecting to all of your email accounts as well as other social networking sites like Facebook. This features is provided free of charge and you can download it from the internet. The new Outlook Social Connector also connects you with your Windows live messenger friends, so you can use all of you social networks and email accounts from just one program with great ease. Besides these features, you can also connect to other social networking sites, which includes LinkedIn and MySpace.

Manage all your accounts with ease!

With this program, you can easily track you communications without the hassle of having to log in into each account separately. You can view all the updates from each account from the program at once. This will be great for those who have accounts on more than one social network and feel that it is uncomfortable to check for their updates by signing in to each site or network. Not only is this time consuming, it is also quite cumbersome.

Endless opportunities

This program is provided free of any extra charge with the Microsoft Office 2010. In the past, email was used for practically all online communications and contacting. Nowadays, a number of other sites like Social networks have sprung up, providing endless options and opportunities in ways you can interact with friends, loved ones, and people you have just met. With Microsoft Outlook Social Connector, you can experience these great things just as you see them on their respective sites. Outlook Social Connector is likely to be even more popular in the future. This is truly a handy integration by Microsoft combining all these online experiences with emails and social networks.

The components that will allow Outlook Social Connector to work with the other social networks are called Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Providers. The can all be downloaded free of charge online. A few updates in your computer are compulsory for these providers to work. If they are not already present, the program will automatically download and install them for you.