The new versions of beta BizTalk Server and of candidate of Windows Server AppFabric were released by Microsoft on Thursday. These have helped developers to produce scalable applications and services. These products have come up with important elements of Redmond’s plans to be able to cloud like scale out capabilities to be able to privately host and deploy systems.

The BizTalk Server 2010, which is the latest release of Microsoft, in the domain of enterprise service! It is used for integrating and connecting disparate enterprise applications. This makes the applications easy to be accessed using each other’s data and even so whilst one is using different formats and data stores.

The new version of this enables a broader platform support and allows BizTalk to be able to be used on Windows server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2. This includes far broader application connectivity and is a part of Oracle eBS 12.1 and SAP 7; and offers a richer management option. It also has a unified management dashboard and compressed backups with a transparent data encryption.

The beta is on sale now and the final release will be in the third quarter.

The use of the Windows Server AppFabric is a new product that will be easier for. Net developers, to be able to build, scale and manage applications on. There are two parts to it which are the AppFabric Caching Services which was previously called Velocity and AppFabric Hosting Services which was known as Dublin.

Velocity is distributed, high-performance in memory object cache and is quite similar to software called Memcached and Redis. The applications use these cache systems in order to avoid the concerns of retrieval of the data that they use over and over again. Cached objects are to be found throughout and market he performance more robust.

The features of AppFabric are far richer when compared to memchand. They have built in facilities and also have a safe concurrent modification to it. Along with the notifications to enable the cache client to know when the data is changed. This allows the use of AppFabric Caching Service to be used as a session storage provider and gives them high performance access to a session state and does not get them into sticky sessions.

AppFabric Hosting Services have been designed to make it easy to build and manage applications for the Windows workflow foundation and the windows communication foundation. The hosting services work along with IIS and provide a host of services like deployment, management and control applications.

At the moment one can buy the release candidate and the final release in the next month. The use of Windows Server AppFabric will be free for the users of Windows server 2008 licensees.

The way Microsoft looks at it is that these applications are vital private cloud strategy. The use of the Cloud applications allows a great deal of scalability and reliability.