Last week there was a very interesting and funny rumor which was aired by Silicon Alley Insider that Microsoft was not able to sell more than 500 of its Kin phones after first launching. According to the post, it sounds very hard to believe as this is not possible any way.

To know more about the reality and find the truth, it is better to visit at some of Verizon Wireless Stores in the backyard of Microsoft, and you will be able to have a better look of what was going on there regarding Kin Phone. If you take some time out and wait for a moment, you will be able to see that Kin is not able to burn even a dry stick in the market.

For the beginners, they might not look for the Kin, as they are unknown about its existence. You will find that at each and every store of Verizon Wireless, there is an especially dedicated area for Kin, located a few feet away near the wall. But, unfortunately being dedicated it has been eclipsed by promotional vicinity in the store due to other high-end phones and especially Android devices displayed and sold by the carrier.

If you have a chance to go there to the Kin section, you will hardly be able to see Kin in the stores. It was quite different from the promotional images of the devices as the real feeling of the pictures of devices was as boring as having an expensive suit and no shoes. In hands, it looked like a lifeless product which was not able to depict and demonstrate honest value for money.

But, everything bas has something special; one of the great aspect of the Kin phone was its online service which is known by name of ‘Studio’. It has the capacity to support and show the content on a computer in a web browser. Moreover, tiny laptops placed near the phones were of bad quality having no updates for the features at all. In one of the stores, there were no laptop and which were working was showing nothing.

The Kid really requires something extraordinary or miracle to happen with lines of vibrant and big kiosks which are used by AT&T to display the iPhones to the customers in the stores.

This is not enough, there is much more than that. The salespeople present in the stores were not fully equipped with essential knowledge about the products. That is why Microsoft is not willing to comment on any such investigation done in the stores, and when inquired about Kin phones. According to the company’s spokesperson, he said that they did not openly reveal sale numbers for KIN Phones but certainly monitor the market atmosphere once we have any new product launch. He said that there will be updates when required and appropriate adjustments just according to he strategy. And after a little visit to the store, you will have a complete answer about where to start adjustments from.