Windows Photo Gallery is new program created during the development of Windows 7. It was meant to replace third party photo viewers you needed to install to have full access to all necessary options for photo viewing and editing.

You can do all you might need with your photos, unless you are a professional photographer, with this piece of free software. You can easily organize them, using special tags, to describe what is on the photo and where did you take it. Special function allows you to tag people on the photos while you browse them, to allow you to easily find their pictures later. Windows Live Photo Gallery saves this information embedded into the file, so it will remain if you send the photo to a friend or publish it on the net.

The program also allows you most common editing operations – as brightness and color correction, in auto or manual modes. You can trim and rotate the image as you like, to have the best possible end result. Very interesting option is the “panorama” function. It is used to stack few different pictures in one – much larger panoramic image. Though it does not do miracles as commercial panorama making software, it is good enough for day to day panorama creations. You can also create picture slideshows, and even short movies with Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The program will also read the tags and star ratings you may have set before it was installed, and will sort pictures accordingly. You can also easily share pictures to different social media sites and online galleries, or send e-mail to people directly from the program.

With so much functionality you may ask what is the price. Well, as we mentioned before the software is free for download and non-commercial use.

Check if you have Windows Live Photo Gallery, and download it if you don’t

Photo Gallery comes bundled with most of the versions of Windows 7, and you can find it in the start menu of Windows 7. Just type “photo gallery” in the search box and start using it. If it has not been automatically installed, or you have removed it in the past, you can always download the software for free at Do it and forget about paid software in your day to day photo editing and sharing.