The fastest growing audience of the Windows Live series is now in for a real treat. The Windows Live 4, having been released right after the progressive use of Windows Live 3 is now rushing into the advancement of both hardware and software. Windows Live Wave 4 will be adding new themes to its already growing list from the last batch so you can customize your page on Windows Live. Included are dynamic themes for a more funky and enjoyable visual experience.

Windows Live 4

The Windows Live 4 header will feature a reorganized dynamic navigation menu which will display the numer of the suer’s current online contacts and the number of unread e-mails. It will include a built-in Windows Live Web Messenger service so users can connect easily to the .NET Messenger Service and chat with their online contacts while browsing any Windows Live properties using their installed browser.

The new features that will blow everyone’s minds are considered to be Windows Lives’ latest and most innovative movement towards today’s generation’s obsession with social networking sites and personal computer/laptop features.

One of these is that you can now comment on a Space blog post from the Windows Live home page. This makes it easier than going to the main page and checking your inbox. You can also insert maps stored in My Places in Bing Maps through the Bing Bar. Status updates have been expanded to include sharing photos, hyperlinks or documents. This convenient feature will make status updates more entertaining than before.

SkyDrive folders can now be grouped into Huge and Small folders helping you get a more organized view of the feature. Something that will benefit you immensely as well would be the new feature that’s shows you if and when legitimate emails are put in your junk folder, it will be clear whether that was done by your email client or Hotmail itself. The Windows Live Wave 4 Internet Explorer add-in will show shared links from Facebook buddies as well.

The Windows Live Wave 4 can also synchronize your Internet Explorer favorites as well ass sync Microsoft Office signatures, styles and templates as well. And something almost everyone can enjoy will be the fact that YouTube videos can now be viewed inside of Messenger. For avid photo sharing fans, when clicking a link to a photo album, your Messenger Social feed will launch the Photo Viewer application as well.

These new features will take the realm of Windows Live to a whole new level. The new features are built and designed for convenience; ease of access and to adjust to the ever-changing process of design when it comes to the World Wide Web. The Windows Live Patrons will not be disappointed by the Windows Live Wave 4. Even the supporters of other systems will want to get their own Windows Live Products. The best part about is that all you have to do is go to the Windows Live site, check your system requirements and get your upgrade in the quickest and easiest ways.