What are the ways to change the default settings of Microsoft Excel? Learn how to fix issues with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Excel features pivot tables, graphing tools and calculations to make it one of the best spreadsheet applications. Microsoft released several versions of Microsoft Excel such as Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2010. These programs are included as a core application in Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Excel offers several new features as well as improvements over previous versions. We can make fast and effective comparisons using Microsoft Excel. Other benefit of Microsoft Excel is that it saves our time, increase the productivity and simplify our works. We can easily changes the default settings of Microsoft Excel. Any problem associated with Microsoft Excel can be resolved easily by making some changes in the settings.

The following explains more about Microsoft Excel:

  • Features
  • Ways to change the default settings
  • Tips to resolve issues


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which offers several features to the users. Error Checking Smart Tags alerts the user about possible errors in a cell. Another feature of Microsoft Excel is its Function Argument Tooltips. Excel helps to build new formulas by displaying information about function arguments. Watch Window, Speech, Formula Evaluator, Excel Border drawing, etc. are other features offered by Microsoft Excel. It also exposes other functionality such as toggling to display all formulas in the worksheet.

Ways to change the default settings

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which allows the user to make calculations and provide graphing tools and pivot tables, etc. Microsoft Excel usually comes with default settings. Each field of this program has a default style and settings. However, the user can change the default settings so that he can use Microsoft Excel with his choices. In order to change the default settings, first open MS Excel and select the field that you want change the default settings such as font, alignment, editing, etc. Then click on the small button present at the right bottom of each group area. A new dialogue box opens and now you can make changes according to your choice. When you finish the process, click on ‘Ok’ button.

Tips to resolve issues

Sometimes Microsoft Excel will exhibit some problems and the user cannot work on them properly. There are several reasons for the problems associated with Microsoft Excel and in most cases the reason is due to the incorrect settings you have made in Microsoft Excel. We can resolve these issues easily after knowing the exact reason for the problem. One of the possible resolving techniques is resetting Microsoft Excel to its default settings.