Microsoft Windows 7 has many striking new features incorporated in it and enables quick and easy access to files and folders, connects to the internet with enhanced security features and many more for the users to be more productive. That said, there are also a hoard of free or inexpensive tools or utilities that can tweak the performance of the existing Windows 7 features and give users a great experience while working on the OS, which also saves a lot of their time and resources. Below is a list of tools available free which a user can download and run directly on their Windows 7 PCs.

Tools for tweaking Windows 7 Task Bar:

Windows 7 task bar has undergone many new changes compared to the earlier versions. Inclusion of Jump lists, Application pinning, dropping and grouping, thumbnail view or preview pop-ups of the running applications, opening and closing of applications using middle mouse clicks, tablet PC input options and much more. In order to spike the performance of Windows 7 taskbar, there are free tools available.

7 Taskbar tweaker:

This program offers simple and effective ways to make the best use of the task bar in windows 7. There are six sections having various settings, which list the default options and the alternative options, which can be selected according to users wish. For example, in the ‘Right click’ section, a user can switch to the standard widow menu or choose to stay with the Jump list default setting. Options for grouping and not grouping, application pinning and opening options and the usage of middle mouse click to close and focus the window are few of the facilities.

Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer:

Thumbnail preview or Pop-up preview is another change to the Windows 7 taskbar. The ‘Thumbnail customizer’ utility helps the users by customizing the sizes of these small thumbnail views, the horizontal and vertical spacing of the thumbnail views, margin changes, and mouse delay time. Users can key in their preferred Maximum and Minimum or drag the slide bar to change the pixel values.

Jumplist launcher:

Jumplist feature is one of the innovative changes in the Windows 7 task bar. With a simple right click on the icon in the task bar; users can access the recent files that are grouped under a single icon. The ‘Jumplist launcher’ tool takes one step ahead of this, by customizing the jumplists by adding not just files, but also folders, websites to a single icon. The best feature of this utility is that, users can custom create 60 jumplists for an extremely simplified access!

Tools for Windows 7 Turbo boosters:

Most often, tweaking the performance of Windows by memory optimization, hard drive clean ups, and clearing up unused files is a back- breaking job. There are tools that will come in handy to do these tasks efficiently and improves the speed and performance of the PC to a great deal.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker:

This is one of the Best free utility that boosts up the performance of the PC. It has tailor made settings related to Windows User Interface, Security, Network, System performance, Browser etc., and provides plenty of options that a user can pick and work. Named aptly as Ultimate, it does a lot more of tweaking of the Windows to make it work the best possible way.

EnhanceMySe7en Free

This tool deals with a bit more advanced settings related to Windows 7 turbo with an extremely convenient interface. It has a wide range of options for tweaking Windows 7 from diagnostic settings, registry, and defragmentation to installed programs on Windows optimization and helps user to control on many feature of the PC to boost the performance.

Tools that enhance the Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 7 has brought in many new changes, which thrills the users and gives them a fun experience to work on the OS.  A few tools that can still add elegancy and usefulness to the existing Windows 7 Desktop are listed below.


The old-fashioned alt-tab program on Windows OS, which helps the user to switch between the programs or applications by pressing ALT+TAB, is greatly reformed with this tool. This nice little tool, when installed on the PC, opens a completely new and attractive window listing various open programs and enable users to switch from one to the other. It also gives a thumbnail preview of the chosen program.

Start Menu:

Start Menu is a place, which often gets the first and foremost click by any user, but Windows 7 start menu has not been improvised much. The ‘Start Menu 7’ tool after installation, replaces the existing Start Menu and gives a convenient, quick access to files, applications and websites by arranging them in the alphabetical order, and grouped into categories and sub-categories etc.,

So, play with these tools to get a lot more of fun working with Windows 7. After all, the OS is made for User convenience to build efficient applications.