There are several search engines available like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Bingis Microsoft’s “decision” engine, which according to it’s sources enables users to take effective decisions rather than just display search results. Bing is also getting as popular as Google. In this article we will discuss the features that we like the best, and find themost useful.

  • One-stop shopping

You can use Bing in several different ways like e.g. it can help you planyour upcoming trip to attend my cousin’s wedding. It is very useful asyou can book the flight and hotel through Bing travel, with its pricepredictor “farecast technology” to tell you whether flight price is going upor down in the next week. Using Bing is also helpful for you as you cancheck conditions, find restaurants, and purchase concert tickets while youare in town.

  • Pretty pictures

Bing has amazing picture which will inspire you to make Bing yourhomepage, it has daily pictures. You can easily set it as home page, clicktheir “make Bing your homepage” link at the top of the page so that theBing site opens whenever you use Internet Explorer.

  • Jumpstart your searches

When you see on the left side of the photo-of-the day on the Binghomepage, there is an option name as jump-start your search. You cansearch images, Videos, or Shopping and you will be on your way to findinginformation. You can also type your query in search box and Bing willcomplete it with different options you will choose from. Bing has so manysuggestions and for example you type how many ounces in then Bing willgive you so many suggestions to complete your query like in a gallon, in acup etc.

  • See before you click with Preview

Bing has so many capabilities and when you navigate to a text link, you willsee a pop-up window showing you the first few paragraphs of text from thesite. When you are searching for photos or images or videos, Bing can be souseful or when you are searching a video, it will show you play back samplesegments, seven seconds at a time, right there on the results page.

  • Explore some more with the explore pane

Bing some times surprise with its amazing explore pane like when youtype “LA Lakers” in the search box, you can see a list of categories, such as,News, Rumors, and Tickets. You can also view related searches like LA Lakerplayers and all. You can see your search history at the bottom of the pane,visible at all times to remind you of how you got where you are.
So over all you can use Bing in many exciting ways and get fruitful resultsfor your search. When you start using this search engine, you will discoverso many different things about Bing. You can also check out tour Bing at itshome page and get more experience about how to use it more effectively.