Tracking an address was quite a difficult job once, but it seems as if everything has changed a great deal now. You can now easily trace any address by just sitting on your work station. Type in the address and hit ENTER, you will get every possible detail about the address that you are looking for. Life has been made a lot more convenient then it was ever before. Google was the first one to come up with the Google Earth followed by the Google StreetView Technology.

Google’s StreetView:

The StreetView Technology from Google was a remarkable feature integrated with Google Maps products within the internet browser. It was even available on Smartphones such as iPhone and Android which has given users to have a look at 360 degrees photos. You were able to look at the specific address using the photos that were integrated with the maps.

Microsoft’s upcoming announcement:

Microsoft has come up with something even better. The feature is expected to launch at the Siggraph Computer Graphics Conference where users using the Microsoft Maps will be able to have a complete look at the same street from all the different angles. You can select the direction of your choice and the views from your desired side will be visible to you.


Google and Microsoft use different technologies in order to provide you with the same visual experience but with different functions. Google uses the “bubble” technology to integrate one photo to another that is not as effective in comparison with the “street slide” that tends to stitch one photo with another so that multiple panoramas can turn into one larger panorama enabling users to scroll from one side to another. The sign boards and other similar details were not placed on the top so that they do not intermingle with each other; instead they are placed at the bottom.

Microsoft Street Slide:

The results are tremendous; you get the same feel as if you were driving along the streets of London and viewing the streets and houses through the windows. You can stop by a place and look around in order to see if you have the right place that you were perhaps searching for. The feature does work tremendous for roads that are long as well as straight. The best feature is available once you have roads and avenues long enough to give a harmonious image. The prevalent roads and streets are friendlier with the browser and require fewer clicks while moving on at faster frames per seconds.

Microsoft is announcing the technology in the Siggraph Show in the very near future but there seems to be no announcement about the date at which the technology will be available for the people to use. Microsoft even has not come up with the statement it the Street Slide will be integrated with the Bing Maps or Microsoft is going to come up with some specific application for desktop and smartphone users so that they can have benefits from the Street Slide technology.