Microsoft says that traditional offices will soon become a history in the sense that the younger generation is not willing to work sitting in offices. They want to get their office jobs done right from their homes. Well, this particular statement from Microsoft proved right because studies have suggested that home working is the most preferred type of job by most of the people. It also suggested that “hot-desking” will be the norm in another few years’ time.

Technologies like the “pop up” offices, mobile technology, remote working and social networking are all helping this cause. And it will not be long that the social networking generation will kill the traditional offices. If you see, the current issue at the hands of IT departments is to save lot of office space. Now this is also another factor that adds to the cause of getting the jobs done right from home. For example, rather than accommodating many number of employees in a single office, it would be better if the same job could be done at half the office space by promoting remote working and home based working.

Well this article is not intended to take anything away from the traditional office style, but to stress on the fact that the competition from all quarters is raising each and everyday. And if the companies are not up to the mark in staying alive for such competitions then there is no point in boasting of having a huge office. So the point here is to make all the possible savings in order to stay long and strong for the competitions.

Another stunning fact about having huge office space is that no company makes the full use of office space. David Coplin, the national technology officer of Microsoft says that only fifty five percent of the total office space is utilized and the remaining forty five remain unused. This means that the company is spending more than what is required. Now this is something that has to be considered very carefully because short savings like these will surely give much more stability to any company.

Now that we understood the areas where home based working outscores the traditional office working, we need to look in for some of the advantages of home based working as well. The employees are at much more ease at work in a home based environment and with the help of social networking, knowledge sharing and online collaboration would improve the skills and working efficiency of any employee.

There was a day when people talked about the fading of the desk phone because of the arrival of mobile phones. And I am sure in the coming days; people would be talking about the fading of the desk itself. Mobile technology and social networking would be the talk of the town in the coming years. I am not sure that many companies would agree with the norm of a home-based working but it is going to be the next big thing.