Using all of the Microsoft® Office applications is not always easy, leaving users mixed up and puzzled. So you need to find out how to use and perform these features in Microsoft® Office? Training resources for Microsoft® Office offer you all the modules that will help you in using Microsoft® Office suite in a better way.

Free Online Training Tutorials

A number of websites offer free online training tutorials for Microsoft® Office. These training are quick tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions with screenshots to video tutorials. You can search Google™ or any other search engine to find free online training tutorials.

Microsoft® Knowledge Base

It’s always good to get information from the manufacturers. To find out about training tutorials for Microsoft® Office, you can go to the Microsoft® website. On this website, Microsoft® provides tips and tricks on how to use Microsoft® Office applications. Further, there is hosted a huge knowledgebase of frequently asked questions, solutions to any issues related to the application functionality. This website also offer some free template downloads and other useful tools with Microsoft® Office applications.

Built-in Help Feature in Microsoft® Office

If you want a quick help on using a Microsoft® Office application then the built-in feature, i.e. Microsoft® Help is the best option. It is located on the menu bar and is very easy to access. It does not need an Internet connection or phone line. There is also an Office Assistant that appears when you first open any Microsoft® Application. When you have a question on how to use a function, simply click on the animated paper clip type and type in what you are looking for and then press enter. It will display a list of relevant suggestions on how to use the particular functionality.