Just imagine the opportunities that you would uncover if you discovered that the application on your computer is now able to translate your phone conversations with someone who uses a completely different dialect that you do not understand. Sounds something out of a dream right? However it seems that this dream has come to terms with reality and its now here for you to see, use and be bowled over. With this advancement in technology you now no longer have to bother about talking to business clients who do not understand and speak any other language expect for their local language. They understand you and you understand them with this new invention, what an inventive idea; now the world is only smaller!

The annual tech fest held by Microsoft was one of a kind, and if you had the opportunity to get there then you would have marveled over all the developments and inventions that researches and developers have bought about. You would have witnessed some of the best technological inventions that just might be the next revolutionary idea to hit the world completely. These inventions are not just good enough but excellent for business, especially if they have to conduct business all over the world.

One such invention that found its way into the Microsoft tech fest was the “Microsoft Translating Telephone” and this a revolutionary idea that is not only applicable for businesses but also people who want to communicate with others situated in another part of the globe. Users of the translating telephone can now translate voice to text in different languages and all this happens on real time basis. The voice to text invention will make sure that you don’t miss out the essence of the conversation.

Those who were lucky enough to test this latest invention had good things to talk about it; firstly there was no hitch in carrying out a conversation with someone who probably spoke a foreign language. Although there were a few problems in translation, it was very close to what was being spoken, and you cannot but give it full marks for the effort that it carried out. We can cite several uses for this invention, this will surely change the way the world speaks and thinks. The inventors of this new application did not make any announcements about its release or if they were planning on one.

One such place where this invention would do attract a lot of attention is if it was used as an application in any of the Sousaphone’s. The opportunities in this field are seamless and not only professionals but even those who want to use it for personal reasons would be delighted to have the apps. It’s like a boon to them, especially if you want to talk to that Spanish girl you got to know when you visited Spain on holidays.

Those who have seen the Translating Telephone at the tech fest have rooted for it to be one of the best inventions that were on display.