Is your Microsoft Excel 2007 freezing during operation? Find out how to solve the problem.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which is a part of the Microsoft Office 2007 product suite. Microsoft Excel application is basically used for storing data methodically in the form of rows and columns. Increasingly, nowadays there are many users at home or in the office that have been using Microsoft Excel to enhance data storage and manipulation. However, Microsoft Excel may freeze due to malware, registry issues, problems with some of the system files, conflict with some other application, etc. The freeze issue in Microsoft Excel 2007 would cause users to lose data on which they were working on and also this problem might corrupt the application in the long run.

The Following details mentioned below will give you more information regarding tips to fix Microsoft Excel 2007 freeze issues:

  • Remove Malware
  • Clean registry
  • Repair application

Remove Malware

Malware are known to cause problems when using applications in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. Malware can cause the application to freeze by infecting files of the application and changing them, which may cause harmful effects. This problem can be easily resolved by installing the system with a good antivirus program and removing the infections from the system.

Clean registry

The registry of your computer contains information regarding the functioning of Microsoft Excel 2007. As registry entries are created automatically, errors might develop within the registry of the system. If obsolete registry entries are clashing with entries of Microsoft Excel 2007, then the application might freeze. Such problems can be resolved by cleaning the registry of the system using registry cleaning software such.

Repair application

Microsoft Excel 2007 also comes with a repair option. This feature allows users to repair any major issues within the software. Users can run the Microsoft Office Diagnostics option provided on the application and it will thoroughly scan the application files to check whether all the files are intact. If any issues are found, it will intimate users to insert the installation disk of the product in order to repair.