All the people related to the computers are sitting and waiting for several months for the good news. But after a long period of frustration the official announcement has been made that the so much aviated “Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out” is coming out in October 2010.

The gHacks editor has announced that the Microsoft Press will publish its new book “Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out” in October 2010. This book will discuss about every feature of diagnosing, preventing and fixing problems of Windows 7. The book will let you know the basics of problem prevention and develops understanding about how to fix all these problems like advanced users’ multifarious troubleshooting and most composite Windows problems.

This is what the Microsoft Press has to say about this book:

This completely organized reference book contains lots of recovery tools, troubleshooting techniques and prevention tips. Find out how experts run their Windows 7 systems smoothly and find yourself at the new peak of mastery. Here are some of the benefits of this book:

(1) This book will help as a simple and quick guide to avoid problems like identity theft and data loss. It will guide you how to cope with the major problems like data loss and identity threat with immense use of internet.

(2) This book will teach you how to fix most common problems yourself. After purchasing this book you won’t need to run every now and then to your system administrator for minor common problems. You will b able to fix them yourself.

(3) This book will teach you how to use all the in built features of Windows 7 in the best possible way.

(4) This book will give you important tips to fight against virus threats and how to protect yourself against cyber-crime.

(5) After using this book’s step-by-step guides, you can detect and repair the most common hardware and system issues yourself. You won’t need any hardware administrator for that.

(6) This book will help immensely in discovering advanced troubleshooting techniques to understand how Windows 7 actually works.

(7) This book will teach you how to make use of in built power utilities of Windows 7 for maintenance, performance and advanced diagnostics.

(8) This book will help to recover and restore your operating system as well as your important files in case of any disastrous conditions.

(9) You will also get an e-Book with additional content online.

The book is offered by Amazon on pre-order basis with the price tag of $39.99 in the US, and £30.99 in UK and other countries of the world. In Europe, it is priced at around €34.99.