The Windows 7 OS has brought in a wide variety of features saving time and efficient management of information, making them available on your fingertips. The Widgets and gadgets made available on Windows 7 are an interesting feature to make use of for keeping up-to-date information about the weather in your area, one of many, many gadgets available.

The weather bar 2 is a task bar widget in Windows 7 making weather checking easy and quick. You don’t need to switch to the desktop each time you want to check the weather. Just access Weather Bar 2 from the task bar and monitor the weather condition at will.

You can install and run weather bar by simply downloading and running the WeatherBar2.exe. No installation needed. It just runs directly from the .exe file downloaded and unzipped. On  the weather bar you can select a location by clicking on the icon available, change location dialog box, changing by defining the city / state etc. The US location dialog box, if selected gives you a dropdown of the state list in the US and the associated city / town. Once selected, in the edit box, click OK. And you will be redirected to the main window along with information of the weather updates and displays indicating current day weather and forecast of the current day and for the next three days.

You can also pin this program to the task bar. You can now also close the said window and monitor information on high and low temperatures including small icons indicating weather conditions etc. Right click on the task bar icon, shows you a popup menu providing a quick look at the weather. A left click on the task bar icon opens the main window again.

A settings dialog box can be accessed by clicking the settings button looking like a gear on the main window where you can set update intervals, units of temperature, units of wind speed under the data format. Once saved, you are ready to monitor the weather by easily clicking on the said icon, in the simple but powerful Weather Bar 2 application.

You don’t need to get frustrated having to each time minimize or hide open windows and keep toggling applications anymore.

With the access to the settings dialog by clicking the settings button, you can enter the setup of the Windows 7 software. Here you can set the temperature levels to be displayed and the minimum and maximum levels of speed of wind, temperature as well as the data format under which this will display. There is a list of UK / US states where you can reset the program to display the chosen location. Furthermore the weather for these pre-defined locations will also display.

You can set the intervals at which to have your weather reports like if you want to display the weather at a certain temperature, you can set the temperature levels at that level.