Most of us know that Dell PCs and laptops with Windows Operating Systems (OS) , especially Windows 7 are a huge success. However, of late Dell has been Bigging up the new Operating System called” Ubuntu” via its company website as well as in the media. What is so special about Ubuntu? Will it take over Windows OS, which is running on millions of PCs and laptops across the globe?  Let us have a sneak peak in to this new OS called “Ubuntu” which is extensively publicized by Dell.

“Ubuntu” is coined based on a South African moral principle meaning “Humanity towards others”. It is a free, Open Source Operating System footed on Linux. An UK based company named “Canonical” Ltd., possessed by   Mark Shuttle worth, a South African entrepreneur, provides sponsorship for Ubuntu. As it is an Open Source and a free OS, Ubuntu gains momentum by making use of highly skilled LINUX and UNIX programmers who put in their efforts to design successful and highly efficient components for it.

Ubuntu is known for its extremely simple usability .This stable Operating System enables the common users in installing applications and programs effortlessly and swiftly. It comes out with upgraded versions every six months offering robust and striking features. Rather than selling Ubuntu for revenue, the company gains profit by offering Technical support services like Security issue fixes, patches for critical issues and including slight modifications or updates to the applications.

When the world is familiar with user-friendliness of Microsoft’s Windows OS, Canonical’s Ubuntu assures the common users of its easy-to-use platform to work with any type application or software packages in a secure and swift way.  It lets users log on to the Internet in no time and helps them to access a hoard of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc., it has an inbuilt office package that helps individuals and business users to work with documents, worksheets, presentations, clip art and painting with utmost ease. Moreover, users can also save their work in the Microsoft Office file formats.

From the start of the year 2007, Dell laptops and PCs have been ported with Ubuntu OS by pre-testing the platform for its stability and security.  Dell has packaged a multi media player that works great with Ubuntu OS, and enables users to watch videos and listen to songs in a thoroughly enjoyable manner.

Dell’s official site draws up a list of points about the features of Ubuntu OS. One of the points that made people raise their eyebrows at was “Ubuntu is safer than Windows”.   It also states tactfully that majority of the hackers do not target LINUX.  With its rapid promotional activities, it looks like Dell is trying to push Ubuntu through the users in choosing Ubuntu rather than Windows. What’s more, Dell has opted for Google’s Android OS in its mobile phones and tablets.

In all Microsoft is confronted by its stiff competitors in the industry and the need of the hour is that Windows OS versions have to thrive in by providing much more secured platform for its trusted consumer base.