Windows Live Essentials is distributed free of cost to all Microsoft OS  users that makes a PC running Windows 7 do more great things like e-mail, messaging, photo editing, and blogging. It has several in-built tools like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft developed so many applications for Windows and they are famous also. Windows Live Essential is mostly used by users for Live Messenger. It is far better than other messenger and has amazing features. You have experienced the yahoo messenger and so many other messengers but the latest release of Windows Live Messenger is a great way to chat, play games, or share photos. You will be excited to use this messenger because of a new look and feel with so many other personalized settings. If you are listening to music then it has option to let other user know the kind of music you’re listening to, and customize the scene in the conversation window. The photo gallery is also very interesting feature in it and one of the best applications in-built.

If you are using Windows Live Essentials and now want to upgrade it then Microsoft announced the compulsory update. Recently Microsoft released a small QFE update for Windows Live Essential Wave 3 with a new version number 14.0.8117.416. This update targets several bug fixes and minor changes but users were upset by the removal of the one-way video conversation feature from the Windows Live Messenger wave 3. This update was optional for those who had installed Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 before May 2010 but after this date you download any update then it will give you the new version.

Now they announced that this new update will become obligatory for all users who are running Wave 3 version. It is due to the security improvement of this application. The Microsoft’s official announced that the update is going to be compulsory for user running this application, (including messenger), on Windows XP. The update will be rolled in next week in 48 different languages which will include the security related updates, bug fixes, performance improvements and some minor and major changes f for Windows Messenger and Windows Live Essentials. The updates ging to be very useful for the users who are uses these application frequently as it is going to add some more features to this tool.

Microsoft recommends you to upgrade to Windows Live Essential 2011 Wave 4 to take advantage of its latest features, if you are using Windows 7 and Vista.

To satisfy the consumer’s needs it is very important to upgrade applications on regular interval. With new and innovative features Windows Live Essentials is comfortable to use by an average computer user.